How to Make Your Wedding Perfectly Unique!

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding stand out? Use these tips to create an event that represents the bride and groom while ensuring your guests will remember it for years to come!

 1. Start with the Tables!

Instead of the typical table numbers, personalize your tables with things that represent you and your sweetie. If you love to travel, label the tables places you’ve been, or even places you want to go. For a super unique touch, tell the story of your courtship with things like: “First Date: Off to the Movies!” or “Engagement: In Central Park!”

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2. Find a Guestbook You’ll Actually Use!

Instead of using a guestbook that will sit in the back of your closet and never be seen again, why not choose a piece of artwork you both like, or even this monogrammed initial sign to hang in your house that you will enjoy looking at! That way you can start decorating your house together and have a useful and cute guestbook!

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3. Choose Food that Represents Things You Both Love!

Are you huge popcorn and movie fans? How about books and hot chocolate? Open a late stand food stand that represents something that you both have in common!

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4. Pick Out Some Favors You (and your guests) Will Love Munching On!

I’m sure you and your guests will probably appreciate a little snack to munch on after the wedding is over! Why not pick you and your honey’s favorite late night snack food and let guests pick their favorite! It’s a super cute and fun way to personalize favors and if there are leftovers, oh well! More for you later!

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5. Make Sure Everyone Has Fun!

Not everyone loves to dance, and you don’t want your guests sitting around with nothing to do! Why not offer different options for guests who may prefer to sit out on the dancing? A great, inexpensive option are games! Who doesn’t love a late night game of Uno?

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6. Have Guests Help Capture Your Big Day!

Have your guests play I Spy using disposable cameras! This is a great way to keep guests entertained while also making sure you capture moments from your big day that you (and your photographer) may miss! Just make sure to leave a box for guests to drop off their cameras at the end of the night!

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Still unsure what to do? A great way to personalize your wedding is to tell the story of your love and what makes your love unique! All your guests are there to celebrate your love, right? Why not create your wedding day around unique and wonderful things that represent your love! Find things you and your soon to be spouse have in common or things that brought you together and display those on your wedding day! Did he propose on a picnic? Cover tables with picnic blankets or use picnic baskets as decor items! Have fun and create something meaningful!


Much love,