5 Reasons Why Having a Wedding Planner is So Important!

                                                                                             photo credit: MOD Wedding Erich McVey

So you just got engaged… congratulations!! Once the initial period of excitement and posting zillions of pics to social media is over, you’ll need to start planning the big day! You will start thinking about your budget and very quickly get overwhelmed and think, “to save money I should skip getting a planner, I mean Pinterest is all I need right?” Wrong! Getting a wedding planner is one of the best ways to both save money and alleviate stress, the 2 biggest issues a newly engaged couple will face while planning their wedding! Here are just 5 reasons why hiring a planner is worth the investment!

  1. We know LOTS of good, reliable vendors in the area (and can often get you major discounts!)It is exhausting to go through interviewing tons of different vendors such as caterers, florists, DJs… and if you do find one you like, they end up being way out of your price range or unprofessional on the day of your wedding, how frustrating! Well planners work with lots of vendors so they know who does a good job and can they can offer suggestions. Also, planners also have connections with vendors who are willing to offer discounts just for referring a client to them! Double whammy!
  2. We know the biggest issues that often arise on wedding days!If this is your first time planning a wedding, you may search all over the internet for wedding planning To-Do lists and sheets, but without having planning a wedding before, things may be missed or forgotten! A planner can very easily tell you the most common issues that happen on wedding days and how to prevent those things from happening! With lots of experience from different weddings under our belt, we are pros at preventing disasters from occurring.
  3. We are experts at budgeting PROPERLY.Unforeseeable expenses always arise if you don’t know what to expect. Brides often make the mistake of spending too much in one area without accounting for other areas they may have forgotten about until the last minute, such as gratuities, sales tax and service charges, a sound system for the ceremony, additional lighting, vendor meals, etc. This almost always leaves a bride going over her budget. Working with a wedding planner will ensure that you have not forgotten about the little details and can keep you on budget and quite often, under budget.
  4. We ensure every runs smoothly.Planners are not only present on the wedding day to help keep everyone on track and following the schedule properly, but can also help you in creating your day of timeline to make sure you allot enough time for things such as toasts, or your grand entrance after the ceremony. Because we have been part of so many weddings, we know how successful weddings flow and how long things normally take, such as cake cutting or dinner service. This information is vital to know prior to your wedding and can help avoid unnecessary hiccups.
  5. We are dedicated to making our couple’s big day flawless. Unlike other vendors who may have multiple weddings on one day, a planner is fully committed to your wedding. Often brides who don’t have a planner, can’t enjoy their wedding properly because they are too worried making sure everything is going according to plan. A wedding planner shows up early to set up your venue exactly how you want it, stays late to clean up, in addition to taking care of all the guests needs, managing vendors, and solves any issues that may arise, all while bride and groom sit back and revel in all the excitement of being married.

Planners are with you from the beginning of your planning process and are fully aware of your dream vision, your likes and dislikes and how you picture your perfect day. We are your biggest advocate on your big day and are dedicated to making sure you get the wedding of your dreams and keeping you as stress-free as possible.

Much love,